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10ft Surfboard Leash Creatures Longboard Pro Ankle

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Creatures of Leisure 10ft Longboard Leash Pro Ankle



Product SKU: A107

Barcode: 9339740000096




10' X 9/32'' for 4 - 6ft Surf

3.0m X 7mm for 1.2 - 1.8m Surf



This product is guaranteed for 2 years against defects in workmanship and materials.


This guarantee does not cover damage due to fin cuts, natural wear and tear or abuse.

creatures leash tension



creatures DNA
Creatures of Leisure has developed & patented the DNA FLEX MOULD.


Unlike standard leashes, the DNA FLEX MOULD is bonded to the leash cord in such a way that the two stretch together when under pressure. This unique design allows a DNA leash to absorb greatly impact than a regular leash, improving flexibility & strength preventing breakage.


DNA FLEX MOULD is a patend pending / registered design & another world first innovation from CREATURES OF LEISURE.



creatures bearing swivel

Unlike regular swivels, THE BEARING SWIVEL lubricates itself as it spins ensuring continous, friction-free rotation and longer life for the swivel itself. The unqiue design prevents the swivel from becoming 'stuck', eliminating leash tangles. Made from marine grade stainless steel and self-lubricating bearing plastic its virtually unbreakable and resistant to corrosion.


THE BEARING SWIVEL is a patent pending / registered design and another world class first innovation, exclusive to CREATURES OF LEISURE.


quick release


creatures surefire release leash


 If you wipe out and your board becomes snagged underwater, the first priority is to separate yourself from your board.


Creature's new SureFire Release aids the separation process thanks to a unique urethane coating that keeps it permanently upright in a easily accessible loop. Simple, smart, dependable... and very handy in an emergency.


SureFire Release is another world first innovation exclusive to CREATURES.


creatures quick release loop


Unique urethane coating keeps the leash release tab permanently upright in an easily accessible loop.

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