Wetsuit Care and Repair

Easy On Surfing Surf Jimmymore

The Surf Jimmy is an innovative new product that helps you get your wetsuit on faster
Price: £3.49 Qty:

Black Witch Neoprene Gluemore

28 gram Tube of Black Witch Quick Drying NeopreneGlue
Price: £4.94 Qty:

Neoprene Queen Wetsuit Repair Gluemore

30 gram tube of quick drying neoprene glue
Price: £4.99 Qty:

Stormsure wetsuit repair gluemore

15g tube of flexible repair adhesive
Price: £5.99 Qty:

Aquasure Wetsuit Repair Gluemore

28 gram Tube of the legendary Aquasure flexible sealant and emergency repair adhesive.
Sorry this item is currently out of stock

Aquasure Twin Pack Wetsuit Repair Adhesivemore

Two 7 gram Tubes of Aquasure Urethane Repair Adhesive & Sealant
Price: £7.86 Qty:

Aquabond Neoprene Adhesivemore

Aquabond Professional Two Part Neoprene Adhesive
Sorry this item is currently out of stock

Rip Curl Piss Off Wetsuit Shampoo Conditionermore

Rip Curl Piss-off Wetsuit Biodegradable Desinfectant
Price: £5.99 Qty:

Wetsuit Cleaner and Conditionermore

Wetsuit Cleaner & Conditioner with Chlorine Remover
Price: £7.14 Qty:

Mirazyme Wetsuit Odour Eliminatormore

MiraZyme 250ml bottle biodegradable odour eliminator.
Price: £9.18 Qty:

Zipper Cleaner and Lubricantmore

Zipper Cleaner and Lubricant for your Boardbag
Sorry this item is currently out of stock

Wetsuit Changing Bagmore

Northcore Wetsuit Changing Mat
Price: £16.99 Qty:

Wetsuit Changing Matmore

Surfers changing mat
Price: £9.98 Qty:

Wetsuit Changing Bag and Matmore

Northcore Changing Bag and Surf Changing Mat
Price: £21.12 Qty:

Wetsuit Dryermore

HangAir Quick Drying Wetsuit Hanger Dryer
Price: £51.95 Qty:

Wetsuit Accessory Hangermore

Hanger for drying your wetsuit gloves, hood, and boots.
Price: £13.94 Qty:

Wetsuit Hangermore

Heavy Duty Plastic Wetsuit Hanger
Price: £6.95 Qty:

Ocean Earth Wet Suit Bagmore

Ocean & Earth Deluxe Wetsuit Bag
Price: £19.99 Qty:

Billabong Wetsuit Bucketmore

Billabong Huck Wetty Bucket
Price: £24.98 Qty:


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