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Surf Gel Anti-Rash Gel Stick

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Gel Skin Rash Guard Coconut Scent 1.75 oz (49.6g) stick



Barcode: 094922941503


Directions. Apply as needed.


Active Ingredient White Petrolatum, USP (100)

Inactive Ingredient Cocconut Fragrance


* Prevents wetsuit and Board short rash.

* Helps fight drying effects from sun, wind and water.

* Relieves chapped lips and cracked skin.

rash prevention

The idea for this product came from you the surfer.


Surf rash is a painful ailment that is so easy to prevent with Surf Gel®.

This new and patented high performance gel actively helps stop wet suit rash and is water, sweat, temperature and wind resistant, enabling it to stay on longer and helping you to stay out surfing for longer!

Surf Gel® forms a smooth, lubricated barrier between your skin and the trouble spot on your wet suit, board shorts or swimsuit.

Key problem areas include the neck and chest, wrists, groin, under arms and inner thighs. It can also be used on chapped lips and rashed skin and has a pleasant tropical coconut scent.


Surf Gel® comes in a handy, mess-free applicator enabling you to apply the product directly where it’s needed without leaving your hands greasy and slippery!

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