Surfboard and Wetsuit Repairs

Need your surfboard fixed fast and professionally with care to detail. We know any surfers stick is their pride and joy, so why risk it with anyone else.
We aim to repair your surfboard asap and have you back surfing in no time.

If you feel confident to repair your surfboard yourself we can supply you with the Polyurethane or Epoxy repair kit needed to fix your surfboard, we can also give you some advice on which repair kit is right for your surfboard and also help with advice on how to make the best possible job of your repair.

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surfboard repairs

Smashed one of my fins into my board at low tide on a reef.

Steve has done a tremendous job repairing and you can't see where the damage was.
Super friendly, fast service at a great price! If you've done a bit of damage don't think twice, get it in to St Vedas. Great stocked shop too.

So next time you need some wax or a leash or something don't jump online, get to Coldingham and support your local surf shop. Thanks again

Dave Towers


Things we fix: surfboards, paddleboards, wind surfboards, kayaks, rescue boards, wave skis and just about anything else that is made with glass fibre.

We work with Polyurethane and Epoxy resins and repair Futures fin boxes, FCS fin plugs including the FCS II, FCS X-2, FCS Fusion and FCS Longboard fin box.

Futures finbox repairs at st vedas surf shop NSP surfboard bottom damage repaired at st vedas surf shop


Wetsuit Repairs

Need to get your wetsuit repaired, here at St Vedas Surf shop we can repair your wetsuit for you or organize sending it back to the manufacturer for repair.

Give us a call and we will do our best to help. St Vedas surf shop can also supply you with all your needs to care and maintain your wetsuit in good working order from shampoos for keeping neoprene products in pristine condition to odour eliminators to stop your boots and gloves from smelling.

We also sell neoprene repair kits so you can repair your wetsuit.

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